Monday, June 1, 2015

Ione the Sea-Witch

I'm joining a Facebook art group that hosts a character design challenge every month.  The theme for this month is "Witches and Wizards".  

I played with a couple concepts (a Louisianian witch doctor and and ice-witch) before settling on this one. My final witch design is a cross between a Celtic druid and a sea witch.   I gave her a sea-glass scepter, a fish-scale dress, and lots of seaweed!

The cleaned-up sketch, ready for the light box.

I imagine her living in cold, stormy conditions, so I painted her in muted colors to mirror her surroundings.

All done!  
The sea-witch Ione lives in a ship graveyard in the North sea.  Viking sailors and fishermen come to her for spells and potions that will grant them good luck and protection during their ocean voyages.  However, they must remember to repay the sea-witch for her kindness.  If not, Ione sends violent storms to sink their ships, and adds the wreckage to her sea-bound castle.

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